Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebell weights have been around for many generations and have a strong history of increasing strength in athletes. Training with kettlebell weights originated in Russia long ago but is now getting more and more popular all around the world because people are becoming aware of the benefits they bring in a training routine.

Due to their popularity you may have already seen kettlebell weights at your gym. The kettlebell (or girya) looks like a blob of metal with a handle attached. This unusual shape serves as two functions: First, the off-center weight of the kettlebell forces the trainer to use stabilizer muscles in a movement giving a more intense, all around work out. Second the handle allows for the release of the kettlebell weights which allows for movements that aren’t possible with traditional dumbbells. Many different lifts are possible with kettlebells, in fact, the variations are endless.

As kettlebell weights become more popular, more varieties and variations are being created. In Russia, a traditional kettlebell weighed one pood or 16 kg (about 35 pounds) but now you can find kettlebell weights that come in various sizes ranging from as little as 2 pounds to over 150 pounds. Also, kettlebells were traditionally only made of steel but now there are models made from various materials and even weights that are rubber coated to avoid damage to your training surfaces. Another different type of kettlebell available now is the adjustable kettlebell.

Adjustable kettlebells have many benefits First, they allow a trainer to customize the weight used and allow a trainer to progress weight incrementally instead of taking big jumps up or down in weight. Also, with adjustable kettlebell weights you can avoid the expense of buying different sized kettlebells every time you need to progress up plus you save on space since a lot of kettlebells with different weights aren’t needed. The only drawback with adjustable kettlebells is that they aren’t as stable as traditional kettlebells so the weight can shift around if they’re not secured properly.

One of the great things about kettlebell weights is that you don’t need to buy accessories to train with them. There’s no need for a bench or a power-rack; you just grab on to a kettlebell and start your workout. Not only does this save you money, it also saves a lot of space since weight training accessories and machines can take up a lot of room.

Once starting with kettlebell training please remember to start light and get form down before moving up in weight. I can’t stress this enough. Even if you are an experienced weight trainer, it is important to get the movements down properly since they stimulate and fatigue the muscles in a unique way. Also, a kettlebell trainer needs to be aware of how to control kettlebell weights so that forearms and wrists don’t get injured during training. Working out with kettlebell weights should be done with care so you can enjoy training long term and condition the body beyond what you think is possible now.…

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