5 Things You Should Know About Treadmill Safety

5 Things You Should Know About Treadmill Safety

We all know about the Treadmill benefits, and you can find hundreds of articles where we recommend the Treadmill workout. You can find 1000’s of professional trainers in your area and majority of the recommend the product to your regular fitness solution.

There are indeed a handful of people who are using the machine every day and adding it to their list. All we can hear is the right side of the Treadmill, and there are also disadvantages which come along with the fitness machine and there is no denying that the disadvantages are enough to argue. These are some of the best cheap treadmills – suggested by them.

The Treadmill Dark Side

Accidents happen everywhere, and Treadmill is not an excuse. There are many reports have been registered all over the world, where people are dying because of the Treadmill. We are not making the Treadmill look like an evil machine. The accidents, incidents are not occurring because of the Treadmill but it is happening because of you, not taking enough precautions.

If you are reading a newspaper daily, then you might have come across the story of a man falling from the Treadmill and gone unconsciousness. The individual has passed away because of the Head Trauma & Loss of blood. According to the NDTV, a daily soap actor collapsed from Treadmill and then later pronounced dead at the hospital. You might also want to check out how elliptical machines can help you to burn thousands of calories per day.

So these Incidents & Accidents are occasionally happening, so we are going to show you, how you can prevent it from happening.

5 Things You Should Know About Treadmill Safety

We are going to share few strategies, which you can use while using the Treadmill.


Get an appointment because I have mentioned a person who is a daily soap actor fall from the Treadmill, what happened to him was clearly a medical condition, which he was unaware of and he ended up triggering it during the exercise. We don’t know what you might be suffering from and it can trigger the ailment when you are going for an intense workout. Go to a physician and go through all check up for clearance.

Safety Turn Off

The Treadmills have added a feature, which lets you turn off the Treadmill in an instant. When you fall off from the Treadmill then the string will be pulled, and the machine stops in an instant, which will help you to avoid unnecessary problems.  You have to find the key and the string on the treadmill.

Put loose objects in their place

If you have anything on the treadmill, such as a water bottle or an iPod, make sure it’s in a stable spot, so it doesn’t bounce off and make your trip, Hoff says.

Remove Stuff

If you are someone, who likes to do more than just working out like Playing music, Reading books, Water bottle and more. You should remove the stuff, which you don’t need it. You should also make sure to check the Mp3 player is the stable place.

Don’t Panic

According to the experts, the majority of the people who lose their grip and they tend to hold then handle, which usually does not help them at all. It will only damage your body even more. Instead of panicking and holding the handles, you should simply let it go.

Make Some Space

In many GYMS, the Treadmill doesn’t have enough room in the back. A treadmill should never place right against the wall. Make sure to give the Treadmill enough room.


By following the strategies, you can save yourself from any calamity. Let us know your thoughts and ideas in the comment below.


5 Reasons Why You Should Take Time To Exercise

As we come into this new year, many of us will be making resolutions, starting that new diet or fitness program, making every effort at changes to make us look and feel like a teenager. (By the way, the teenager thing will never happen, but at least you won’t be using a walker and drooling out the corner of your mouth). We wondered what it is that makes us think we should engage in such things as eating endless bowls of cabbage soup and doing copious amounts of squat thrusts.

So we compiled a list of 5 Reasons Why You Should Take Time To Exercise – you can say them to yourself as you jog down that frozen street or haul out your resistance bands. May they keep you motivated!

1. Health BenefitsExercise is a proven way to reduce blood pressure, increase range of motion, and fight metabolic syndrome.

Even a toddler can get healthier with good exercise. If you walk so much as a mile a day your body will be happy you did! Take time to walk!

2. Weight loss benefits – Exercise means burning calories, and burning calories kick starts weight loss.

Even if we didn’t give you 5 reasons why you should take time to exercise, this one thing, weight loss, should be enough to keep you on that rowing machine!

3. Sleep benefitsExercise will help you sleep better at night.

Regular exercise will help you sleep faster and more deeply – there’s a lot to be said for a good, old-fashioned, refreshing REM cycle!

4. Energy benefits – Regular exercise improves your endurance and stamina.

Persons who play sports know that conditioning brings about energy and strength – otherwise, there would be no point to such grueling things as two-a-days during football season. So if you are feeling sluggish, grab your resistance bands or lace up your shoes and get moving!

5. Fun benefits – Exercise is fun!

Exercise can be a great social time. Of our 5 reasons why you should take time to exercise, this is, perhaps, the one thing that will keep you going back to the gym, lacing up your running shoes, or even working out at home. Exercise can be a social event – think about all the people who walk or jog together, they are having conversation as they go – talking to other humans is fun! What about things like team sports and swimming? Exercise is almost just a side benefit of going to the beach or the pool. Water exercise is very beneficial and FUN!

So as you are contemplating the extra 10 pounds you just saw on the scales, remember our 5 reasons why you should take time to exercise – because we all need a reason, right? Now get out there and have fun getting healthy, losing weight, and finding the energy you so desperately need!…


Kettlebell Exercises

Kettlebell exercises are becoming more and more popular as people realize the benefits of this unique way of training. Many athletes are starting to incorporate kettlebell exercises into their routines because of the many results they bring for strength and conditioning. People from all walks of life including: weightlifters, martial artists, wrestlers and general strength trainers are focusing on kettlebell training to achieve their goals. These goals aren’t modest either since many MMA fighters, Olympic athletes and professional athletes use kettlebells to improve their conditioning. Of course anyone from any level of fitness can safely train with kettlebells and see their benefits as well.

Kettlebell exercises are quite different compared to other forms of exercises such as barbell training, dumbbell training, calisthenics or any other common conditioning method. Of course, the differences in kettlebell exercises are what make them so effective for gaining strength, endurance and even flexibility. First, kettlebell exercises require the trainer to use their entire body as a whole during the lifts, which means more work and greater demands are placed on the body.

The greater demands trigger growth and condition the body to be stronger as a reaction to the great stimulus experienced when kettlebell training. The use of a total body lift during work outs also trains the muscles to work together efficiently which translates to more real world functional strength. Isolation exercises with traditional weights will increase strength in muscles but this may not translate well to strength required beyond that specific movement whereas kettlebell training will improve strength required for any activity.

Additionally, if you practice kettlebell exercises you will see major benefits in your strength and balance due to the fact that training with kettlebell requires you to use stabilizer muscles that are not commonly worked with traditional training. These stabilizer muscles are needed to balance a kettlebell during a movement and are worked hard during a kettlebell routine – even more than with traditional free weight exercises.  The stimulation and strengthening of these stabilizer muscles will lead to a synergistic effect on the strength and balance and of a kettlebell trainer. Kettlebell exercises also strongly work the core and improve flexibility which reduces the chance of injury for athletes.

When beginning kettlebell exercises start with basic movements and focus on technique. It is said that failure with kettlebell training is not when you can’t lift anymore; it’s when your technique starts to diminish. This will prevent injuries and also ensure that you are targeting the correct muscle groups with correct form. Be patient with your training, it will have movements that you may not be used to but of course that is one of the major benefits. If you are patient and diligent with your training, you will see results that transform you into a stronger and more efficient athlete.

Depending on your goals, you can tailor your workouts and diet so that you either lose fat or gain muscle as you train with kettlebells. They are a powerful tool to fix your body composition whichever way you choose. These powerful ballistic exercises work your body as one unit and require a great deal of hard work so you’re sure to see an improvement in the integrity of your body as you progress with your kettlebell exercises.